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Spiked Icosahedron

Author: Hochram
Used time: ~3/4 hours
Cost: 8 A4 sheets, very expensive lol
Categories: Handicrafts

This project is about how to fold this spiked icosahedron:


I'm not able to explain in english the folding diagram, but fortunately the module to build this origami is easy to fold, so the images are sufficient ( i hope lol)
This model is built up with 30 modules, so if you want to realize it you'll need a lot of  patience.
Now let's see how to fold the module, you have to start from a square sheet:


The module is ready, now let's see how to create a "fondamental" unit:


Now to understand how to build the dodecahedron let's take a look at the model


You can see that around the "holes" there are five piramids.
Keep in mind this particular and you'll not have particular problems assembling the modules.
Have fun :P

p.s. The idea isn't mine, I took it from an origami book

A coloured version....I didn't have 5 colours, so I used only 2....

A white version lighted with a blue 3mm led in it, the effect is very cool!
You can switch it on/off simply turning it upside down, I used a mercury switch.

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02.03.2010 20:25 HochramWell, I think I already use that lock, I fold 2 flaps for every "connection", a "double link ". Never tried shapes that request more modules
02.03.2010 02:16 subernooberand with that better lock, good things will come...(like 4 and 5 unit pyrimids, easier and more stable icosahderon, really spiky epcot ball, and beyond!)
02.03.2010 02:14 subernooberok, how u lock it is u take the extra flap, there should be a triangluar pocket on the inside. put that extra flap inside that pocket and voila! u have a better, more stable lock!
01.03.2010 20:49 HochramThere a bit magic :P can you explain your trick? maybe post a project on it ;)
01.03.2010 05:48 subernooberThis is soo awesome! i just reversed the folding so its the other way around and i found a better way to lock it if u can use the extra flap and lock it on the inside. im using 1/4 of foil paper and it looks awesome lol . I LOVE THIS ORIGAMI!!!!
11.12.2008 16:58 uSodragonTook a picture of it you can see it here : http://allthemods.com/userinfo.php?userid=3375&id=4981
11.12.2008 16:46 uSodragonMine is with 5 defferend colours its kinda nice :d had to use some tape wouldend stay in place :s made the units first but dident work had to restart :s wohoo i did it
11.12.2008 16:44 uSodragonI made one ,started yesterday finished now ,had a problem at first,looked again and saw this:You can see that around the "holes" there are five piramids. Keep in mind this particular and you'll not have particular problems assembling the modules. it solved my problem ^^
08.12.2008 22:49 ProbablyLooks great *thumps up* :p
08.12.2008 18:16 jumatuseIm making one too. :) One module ready.
17.07.2008 21:39 Hochram;-)
17.07.2008 19:58 JiikaxVery cool! Thanks for the instructions.
17.07.2008 18:43 anttikalI just made that kind of origami with pink LED-light. Looks really cool, hope my girlie likes it:)
14.04.2008 22:29 HochramIn this case I made 4 squares from an A4 sheet, so you can do this with 8 A4 sheets. You need 30 modules, so 30 squares, simple :D
14.04.2008 22:13 alfonsin second picture you have 1 square paper. so how many square papers do you need? hundreds?
10.04.2008 18:21 HochramIt's not so simple... there are 21 spikes, each module forms 2 faces of a spike for a total of 30 modules, it's weird to calculate them eheh
10.04.2008 16:13 alfonsso there are ~15 spikes in the whole star and one spike needs 3 units which shows on picture? 3*15=45 pieces of paper. am i right?
18.10.2007 23:56 Hochramhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GX3qVUKGkOU
02.10.2007 19:13 HochramI fixed images url, altervista changed rules....
22.03.2007 09:18 KarvapercDid those also. First one was about size of a small bowling ball. Second one was about size of a cars tires :) So made it big, try to light those out with cold cathodes, works nice :)
17.03.2007 09:23 potkisOMG!! Ver nice : )
12.03.2007 00:24 Hochramehm...i think i can't translate suomi :D
12.03.2007 00:19 hevinallevähä epäselvää
30.12.2006 02:56 HochramWith practice all ends up well ;)
29.12.2006 23:43 IlendarenThat's nice, I made one too, but it didn't end up as well as this!
20.12.2006 14:47 HochramLoL we all want photos :P
19.12.2006 22:20 JohnEdwardMade one, but made two mistakes by putting 4 peaces and not 3. Put green leds under it, I'm calling it the techno christmas tree, as it looks kinda like one :D
19.12.2006 20:58 TuplaWLol i´ve made like 18 pieces for that now but ARGH have no motivation to make it complete atm... just have to make few pieces every day so it´ll be ready someday :D
13.12.2006 18:01 HochramEverything is better than studying ;D If you extend the work over some days it is not so annoying..
13.12.2006 17:42 ThingyVery nice but like SFo said; takes so much time to make (for myself that is).. :)
11.12.2006 22:32 HochramI tried red also, very bad look lol, yellow I don't know...
11.12.2006 22:19 tjustnice looking, maybe i could make one and replace my christmas trees star with it :P
09.12.2006 19:19 SFovery nice, but too long for me (and my patience :)) cya!