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DIY Saddle built in rear bikelight

Author: Hochram
Used time: A few hours
Cost: /
Categories: Bicycles | Electronics

My super car led light is giving me some problems, so i decided to build this light, small, hidden and always ready.
The shape of the new saddle was perfect to integrate this simple mod.

This is the saddle as it was originally

Then I took out the fizik logo

Here I glued a piece of "plexyglas" to that plastic piece, to cover leds

I filed a bit the hole to insert the switch

So I placed leds...

...and batteries

and this is the result, batteries are temporarily held by black tape

and here with leds on

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09.08.2007 00:26 HochramThe real problem is how to hold it to the saddle.... I prefer a fixed one to have it every time i need it, a removable one is also more exposed to theft
08.08.2007 22:53 eitangwhy not but a removable batterie holder?
27.07.2007 23:47 sciaticHmm nice one :)
14.07.2007 19:37 HochramI took sime nighshots but they're not "explcative"...
14.07.2007 17:26 zeetagThat's very good. We have to see some nightshots too!
02.07.2007 23:47 HebitaksNICE!
01.07.2007 15:06 JapalaVery innovative design indeed.
29.06.2007 06:29 hevinallelol
28.06.2007 17:12 HochramThank you, I had the perfect ispiration this time :D
28.06.2007 16:18 mofuponice idea