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Custom case for a Linksys NSLU2

Author: akeeh
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Cost: ~80
Categories: Full case | Electronics

Some time ago I bought a Linksys Network Storage Link to get a nice little Debian system for various tasks (MP3 jukebox, brains of a small robot etc..)

Some info about the NSLU2:

- CPU: 266Mhz ARM Intel XScale
- Memory: 32MB RAM, 8MB Flash
- One 10/100MB Ethernet port
- 2 USB 2.0 ports (+2-3 additional "hidden", pins are found on the board)
- Serial port pins for terminal access and for an interface between the NSLU2 and a microcontroller for example
- Another serial port (input only, can be used for the IR-receiver)
- I²C pins can also be found from the board for interfacing
- Run on 5V

So not even near a super machine, but enough for the purpose.

I'm planning to put it in a nice small aluminum box (check the picture for dimensions) with a 2.5" laptop HDD. There will also be a 4-port USB-hub. I have also thought of putting a IR-receiver on the front of the box to control it with a remote (MP3 player etc).

The black part with the 9-pin D-connector hanging from the NSLU2 is a MAX233 (same as MAX232 but doesn't need external capacitors, in case you wondered) board I made. The whole system will be running from a single 5V supply and the power consumption should stay around 10-15W.


Few sketches of the new case (the picture on the front is the logo of Debian Linux distribution in case you wondered):


And few photos of the progress so far:


Got the idea to use this case instead, because it was a bit bigger than the old one and looks nicer too. Forgot that I had few of these broken inverters lying around at home and then I found them and the dimensions were just perfect.

Front and back plates are ready for some drilling. I had to cut the aluminum from a wide |____| shaped aluminum piece because it was the only piece that had the thickness I wanted.


To be continued...

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02.03.2010 10:01 Bigfunkwhat program did you use to design this?
17.07.2008 11:38 rippewhen this will continue? :O or will it?
28.10.2007 20:41 akeehYes. I got the panels made and hopefully during the next days I can get all the holes done for the connectors etc and after that they need painting. Unfortunately that isn't my top priority right now because too much work to do at school, so hopefully in a couple of days anyway. First I need to measure precise places for the connectors and make a drilling mask to ease up the job.
28.10.2007 20:06 JarziHave you made eny progress with the project during the weekend?
24.10.2007 14:56 akeehHopefully I'll get the front and back panels finished this weekend, if I visit home. I have all the materials and tools there.
24.10.2007 10:36 SanZoRYeah, its nice =) When you are gonna finish it? =D
24.10.2007 08:08 ScaleoLook goog. Black box is great!
23.10.2007 14:57 JarziI'm*
23.10.2007 14:56 JarziI looking forward to see more about this project. Looks good so far.