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Freeforming a bicore

Author: kazoo
Used time: 10 min
Cost: ~1
Categories: Handicrafts | Electronics

This isn't much of a project, I think this is kind of a tutorial. So I'm going to show you how to freeform a bicore. Freeforming means soldering components together, so it makes a circuit, without a PCB. And a bicore is a simple circuit witch can be used to flash leds, turning motors etc. Building freeformed circuits takes some skill and right kind of tools. Let's get started!

Here are components needed:

1x    74AC240  IC chip
2x   22nF ceramic capasitors
1x    resistor (1 - 3.3Mohms)
some thin electricwire and peeled thin electricwire

Tools needed:

Soldering iron, pliers, solder, wireclippers etc. And some soldering skills.

Bend IC pins just like shown in the picture(IC notch is on the right side of the picture and IC is turned pins up) and solder the two spots, that are shown.

Now take some peeled thin electricwire and cut it two suitable pieces and solder them as picture shows.

Take a piece of shielded electricwire and solder it like picture shows.

Now it's time to put on those 22nF ceramic capasitors. Solder them on shown places.

Now solder these two thingies as shown(these will be out1 and out2)

Now take your resistor(the higher value it is, the slower led's flashing rate, I used 2.2Mohm) and solder it's leads to the spots marked on red colour.
This is how the resistor looks like on backside.

Finished result!

Hook-ups:  Connect your led's, motor's... leads to out1 and out2 and 3-5 VDC voltage to marked places.

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09.06.2009 00:19 Hene987http://www.partco.biz/verkkokauppa/product_info.php?products_id=2287 Is this same IC? There is another that is HC. Are they still same thing?
24.02.2008 08:53 Ruislezethis is cool, i have to try it
11.12.2007 18:32 kazooOh.. right.. Now I know what deadbug wiring is, but it looks even uglier than point-to-point wiring :/
11.12.2007 17:30 Ollihttp://www.opencircuits.com/images/6/6e/Dead_bug.jpg No no, this is dead bug. My "style" was point-to-point wiring.
26.11.2007 14:22 kazooLooked your headphone-amps and figured out what deadbug wiring is ;) I don't like deadbug wirings so much, because they look very messy to me.. I prefer PCB(ftw!) This thing was just easy-to-build-and-very-cheap led flashing gadget(for example ;) ).
26.11.2007 00:25 OlliHave you tried deadbug wiring? :P I think it's better to keep these styles only on oldskool devices like with tube amplifiers.
26.11.2007 00:22 OlliEww :/
25.11.2007 14:57 kazooI'm interested have anybody tried this?
12.11.2007 13:04 LcdloSorry for finnish comments, this is a little bit personal message. -kazoo- kiinnostaisiko tehd mulle pari pikkujuttua korvausta vastaan? Elektroniikka mulla viel hakusessa? Laita mailia tumpero@wippies.com jos aikaa ja halua on, selostan sitten mailissa tarkemmin.
11.11.2007 22:28 kazooOh.. And thanks Japala for giving me more pic slots!
11.11.2007 19:33 kazooI understand what Japala means :) But I think it's easier to understand how to build these, when there's that many pictures..
11.11.2007 14:26 JapalaSeveral things could have been explaned inside a single photo to save slots for other things...
10.11.2007 16:00 LcdloI hope that Japala will give you more pic. slots. Project for freeformed fader would be really nice.
10.11.2007 15:46 kazooI can do that fader, but I can't make it project like this, because my ATM photo archive is full :( I can't even post a picture of it.. I will build it anyways, because I'm interested in those faders too ;)
10.11.2007 14:24 Japalahttp://metku.net/index.html?path=mods/colorfade/index_eng
10.11.2007 14:16 LcdloPlease, do sample for fader. That would be very usefull for me too. :)
09.11.2007 22:56 kazooUmm.. Those fading circuits are different, but if someone wants, I can make one fading circuit freeformed like this ;) I'm glad that someone would try this :)
09.11.2007 22:36 Yoshiah, i am going to try this one :) Do you know how to make one wich fades the led from bright to dim and back to bright ?
09.11.2007 21:47 kazooSo Jipa.. Are you going to try this? ;)
09.11.2007 21:43 JipaGood job. It's hard to solder those thin wires to multiple spots because when you heat it, the earlier solderings tend to get loose...