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My first casemod

Author: Sleieri
Used time: 40h
Cost: 50
Categories: Full case | Single case mods | Handicrafts

My first casemod.

Everything started when I found my old crappy and slow computer. It looked like this,
and it were very slow.
I wanted to mod it some way, and then I got a great idea. What would it look, if I cover the old case with shiny black plexiglass, put it to horizontal plane, and add a openable window to the top? In my mind it looked so great, that I marched right away to the shop which sells plexiglass, and bought that much I need. At home, I started to cut the plexis to the right size, and made two holes to the front panel. One for CD-ROM, other one for a fan. So everything were shaped to right size, I decided to glue it up with black silicon. It did sound good, and actually, it worked good.

The glueing in progress.

So when everything were on their place, I decided to do something to the old hardware.

The old specs were:
CPU: Intel Pentium II 400MHz
GPU: Matrox Millenium G200
HD: 14Gb WesternDigital

Yes, veeeeeery very slow. The computer are in web browsing use, so I bought more memory, 512Mb more, altogether 768Mb. Next thing was a new hard-drive, a 20Gb SeaGate.
After that my friend sold me his old GPU, Nvidia Geforce2 MX400.

Now I got power for internet browsing, and nice case where to put that all.

Here's some pictures from the caseproject finished:
Looks nice, huh?

And the new specs are:
CPU: Intel Pentium II 400MHz
GPU: nVidia GeForce2 MX400 64Mb
HD: 14Gb WesternDigital and 20Gb SeaGate

I hope you liked this project. Have fun modding mates!

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12.04.2009 13:21 FordySpecs still not exactly great..? Up to 20GB hardrive from 14? I wouldn't have bothered. My main PC has 16GB of RAM... Im not suggesting that but I just think a new mobo and cpu, at least 1GHz
20.03.2008 15:39 TOOLworshiper88Pretty nice man I recently did the same thing, Put a window in and i wired 8 blue led's into the acrylic and connected them to a molex connect, I'll soon put a swtich in so they arent always on
18.02.2008 23:52 vikiWhere did u bough the plexi :P ?
17.02.2008 10:35 NiBaMod you'r psu too. (Put plexi and some leds to it) ;)
17.02.2008 09:48 JapalaLooks bit like an overhead projector without the mirror arm. :) Because of that, you could try something like this: http://metku.net/index.html?path=mods/coloured_appliques/index_eng . Perhaps frost the plexi with sandpaper too... ideas ideas... :)
17.02.2008 02:46 bluebrightthis looks nice! You should totally put some awesome stuff on the inside though.
16.02.2008 23:19 ScaleoI like this :D
16.02.2008 22:27 JipaYou should have painted the frame.. The black acryl looks nice though.
16.02.2008 22:23 NiBaWhops.. This looks cool... :D
16.02.2008 22:22 NiBaT