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front panels

Author: alfons
Used time: few days:P
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Categories: Home entertainment | Furniture

My front speakers have pretty ugly details, and 'cos my bro had lot of  proper fabric so I decide to made front panels/masks.

I used 4mm thick crappy plywood which i had already. I made holes with speacial tool which you can find in gallery

I glued pop-rivals nails to corners of panels and the sockets i glued to speakers. I used epox. It wasn't funny when i needed to drill to speakers front panels for sockets (sockets are not shown in pic below)

When panels were black and nails were holding straight, I nailed some fabric over. those little white pieces are elecrtic wire. my nails bit too much and that piece of wire kept them under the surface (hope you understand). There you can see the sockets

They really changed speakers look and im really pleased for result:P
ps. please note for typos:D

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25.04.2008 20:57 Honzanice and easy