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LED lighting System

Author: kbates666
Used time: 1 Day
Cost: 12.00
Categories: Room and Desk Shots | Electronics | Desktop shots and software related

I was surfing ebay when I ran into a 100 green LED's for 10.00. I Immediately thought it would it would be cool to make some lights with them and here it what I finished with.

Its made from a piece of project board cut width wise, they each have eight LED's wired in parallel.

All eight lights are powered by a standard 250watt computer power supply.

With switches to turn the power supply on then turn the lights on.

Finished Product

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06.01.2012 09:33 kbates666this system has recently been upgraded to rgb leds with a microcontroller. The issue is that it has been disassembeled to fix a hardware problem
26.08.2008 06:39 kbates666I am now using sanded aluminum cans as the covering for the lights. Since I am drinking the soda anyway its free.
01.08.2008 20:44 RBTget some alum. from the junkyard and polish / sand, that´s cheap!
24.07.2008 21:49 pertti85bebek.fi 1000led for 10€
24.07.2008 21:32 alfonsthere are cheap leds for sale in dealextreme.com :)
07.07.2008 18:51 GSXYou can pick up a thin piece of siding for a few dollars at a hardware store. There is no need to use thick aluminum.
27.06.2008 07:00 kbates666I was looking to be as cheap as possible and a sheet of aluminum is not cheap
26.06.2008 22:35 GSXI think it would look much better if the led's were not showing. Change the net to somehing solid like aluminum. This way you won't see the actual diodes, and only see the glow. Much easier on the eyes if you ask me.
26.06.2008 17:22 laurilrI bought 1000 red 3mm leds, 10€ ;) They were pretty bright leds, way better than I could have imagined!
26.06.2008 16:07 bluebrightI love it. I'm going on ebay right now.
26.06.2008 00:31 kbates666Well seeing as one light consumes 148mA and I have eight I need a power supply capable of at least 1.2 Amps. I didn't have anything else at the time and it give me room to add more if I want.
25.06.2008 17:45 YoshiAin't that PSU a BIT overkill for that amount of leds ?