Nick: alfons  Info
Age: 27
Location: Kerava

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Author: alfons
Used time: 10h?
Cost: 5-15e
Categories: Furniture

i engraved roman numbers to clockface and light it up with three green 8000mcd leds.

cos my case is not really.. a case, and its under my desk, unreachable.
so i put(ted?) power button there and there it is. it looks more like cube douh..

as you can see those gravings went bit over and needs more trimming

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26.08.2008 15:37 alfonshu?
25.08.2008 22:30 Hene987Are you littlebit late? :D
25.08.2008 21:58 spekkaThis is so cool!!
08.08.2008 20:24 alfonsbtw.any ideas how to clen plexi? and how to smooth those engravings?
08.08.2008 20:16 alfonsi hate when green light shines from back to wall and lights it.. and picture somehow distorts the green tone.. its more like green not "blue-green"
08.08.2008 20:14 alfonsi used hard-bit-steel-tip -pen. if you know what i mean:D
08.08.2008 14:48 HaoKiLooking pretty good... What did you use to engrave the numbers?
08.08.2008 14:41 CJohnyI like it without the frame. That "light" frame gives it quite modern look and it feels clean.
05.08.2008 11:56 vikiNice work !
31.07.2008 16:30 alfonsany idea what should i put for frame? something thin and light it needs to be..