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Age: 26
Location: Tampere

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Microcar electric conversion

Author: Masse
Used time: Project started at the beginning of December
Cost: too much
Categories: Cars | Mopeds, motorcycles and ATVs

Project: Max-EV iSecmaWider project log in Finnish: http:://maxev.wordpress.com

As there are no electric microcars in market, you have to make one yourself. Or at least make conversion. :)

The victim for the conversion is Secma Fun Tech 50-R 2006. It used to have 50cc scooter engine and top speed of 55km/h. Unfortunately we have to resrict the top speed for 45km/h to make it road legal in Finland. But of course I'm gonna raise it a little bit after inspection (katsastus). ;)


Yes it doesn't have roof , doors or windshield because the Finnish importer doesn't answer my e-mails..