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Wall Candle Holder

Author: rippe
Used time: ~20h this far (in school)
Cost: 8e
Categories: Buildings, structures etc. | Furniture

Now to the interesting part...

Cage with welded cups



Next week I will make wall attachments for this

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23.03.2009 22:11 rippeno no, not so much, maybe 2-5kg
23.03.2009 19:16 alfonsbtw what's the current weight? :--)15kg?
23.03.2009 17:42 rippeupdate!!!
15.02.2009 21:37 alfonssandblast will _sand_ smooth surface, no heatzones will be visible after
13.02.2009 14:15 rippebut if i sandblow it, then everybody would see the zones where i have welded, i mean the heat zones
13.02.2009 13:33 ErrtuI think correct word is sandblast? Anyways any local metal works would do blasting while anyother sandblasting job.. and ask nothing to couple of euros.
13.02.2009 11:42 alfonssandblow? if you can
13.02.2009 09:19 rippeWell, i think black is the only one, no other color would look cool :o. And if i would sand it, it would take years.
13.02.2009 08:35 ErrtuAs Jipa told: Welding you don't see, is good welding. Someone would have welded the hole pipe to the plate, but small dot is enough. Black collor eats the hole candle light, so I wouldn't use black. White is kinda boring. But just metal colour (sanded) and lacquer, makes it shiny and bright.
12.02.2009 20:37 rippe:P
12.02.2009 20:16 Regukakola´s prisoners made candle holders and if I remember right every one made was painted black. This holder project reminds those somehow.
12.02.2009 19:57 rippewhy not?
12.02.2009 19:46 JipaI just don't think black is the right color for candle holder...
12.02.2009 18:57 HaoKiYea.. You can only see the heat affected zones on the turnside of the welds :) This is going to be a nice candle holder.
12.02.2009 18:45 rippethere is a one weld between pipe and plate on each cup :P but it's kind of hard to see because it's behind it :)
12.02.2009 18:37 JipaAs far as I know a weld in a decorative thing is generally a good one when you can't see it :)
12.02.2009 18:34 HaoKihehe... and thought that I can see a welding in each cup :)
12.02.2009 18:32 alfons@errtu, how weldings look nice if you cant even see them?
12.02.2009 13:51 rippeAnd thanks for your nice comments :)
12.02.2009 13:50 rippeyeah it is 1,5mm pipe i think, my mother bought it from metal store :D And i will paint whole thing black. Those cups aren't sanded yet so they look pretty rough :o
12.02.2009 11:49 ErrtuCups looks sturdy.. allmost too sturdy. Is that like 1.5mm pipe? Weldings looks nice. Are you going to lacquer that after sanding? It's going to look great. Good job!
11.02.2009 18:23 rippeAnd Cages weldings has been sanded* (:
11.02.2009 18:22 rippesure, i can take some pics after winter holiday :E because, then we have metal work in school :)
11.02.2009 17:30 alfonscentimeters huoh.. show us your weldings please :)
10.02.2009 20:33 EeroLooks good so far... =]
10.02.2009 17:28 rippeheh, thanks :) ''update''
10.02.2009 13:24 spekkaLooks nice :P