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Age: 38
Location: Tampere

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Author: willek
Used time: Not much
Cost: Spare parts
Categories: Cars

Decided to try something new for a change.

The white plate on the thingy is a sticker for attaching a mirror to the wall.

Pictures and videos tell the story better than words.



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25.06.2009 15:56 willekthanks :)
25.06.2009 13:44 vikiGreat work
29.05.2009 20:44 willekyeah.. I just dont want to bet my camera on how they would hold on a shaking and vibrating car.
29.05.2009 19:16 lossdriverI used four suction cups with screws (which pulls the cup outwards to tighten the suction) and it held a 5kg weight for 3 days, in garage though. I have a joke video with a few clips with it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjdPPmkVJaI
29.05.2009 18:28 willekI have ordered strong neodymium magnets for rev2.. I considered suction cups, but they are quite unreliable since they inevitably leak and loosen.
29.05.2009 16:07 lossdriverwhy didn't you use neodymium magnets or suction cups?
29.05.2009 14:35 willekI havent taken the plate of my car yet, I fear for the paint :)
29.05.2009 14:34 willekthose mirrorstickers are pretty tough. even the small ones are tough to get off once glued on.
28.05.2009 21:25 alfons2 side sticker is enough? weird for me tough..
27.05.2009 21:29 willekno.. still just a sticker
27.05.2009 03:12 redstarisnt that like a magnetic square?
27.05.2009 00:02 willekWhat is there to explain? The camera holder is attached with a sticker, which is visible in the picture.
26.05.2009 22:38 alfonsso yeah --> "alfons 2: can you please explain (with pics) how the camera is attached to the car?"
23.05.2009 15:39 willekJust use google image search witn "camber" and You get a very good idea what it means. The front and rearwheel camber is different in lowered cars because the front and rear wheel installments differ. Different lenghts in support rods etc.
22.05.2009 23:41 YarikoYup, but it's not wrong if you have bit of camber angle on your tires. Though in some situations the tire will wear off faster from others side of the tire.
22.05.2009 23:09 alfonsIm i right that camber means the tire's angle on road surface? like is the tire little bit lean to right/left
22.05.2009 22:47 zaketusIf cambers were same as before lowering, there wouldn't be room for rear wheels to move due the bumbs etc.
22.05.2009 22:44 alfons2: can you please explain (with pics) how the camera is attached to the car?
22.05.2009 22:43 alfonswhy the camber would be different, even its lowered?
12.05.2009 19:07 willekThe car is lowered, so their camber is different, if that is what you mean :)
12.05.2009 12:14 pctonIt looks like that front and back wheel ain't on the same line ;D
05.05.2009 17:49 YarikoI hope your clutch will wear off someday >8D Or have you bought racing-clutch? :P Nice idea though it's not the "coolest" :)
05.05.2009 16:44 willekyeah, it isn't like I have a V8 under the hood :)
05.05.2009 14:11 alfonsin other video "burning some rubber", do you burn it with flipping the clutch while high RPM?
05.05.2009 14:07 alfonsthis is awesome appilcation for the motorbike :)
05.05.2009 10:07 drakminFunny to see the car suspension in work :D
04.05.2009 16:16 willekWell the road on the first video is a small road in the outskirts of Tampere, and it is the day after finnish drunken holiday wappu, so everyone is hangover.. The second is by night when most people ARE drunk and those behind a wheel are driving for fun :)
04.05.2009 15:38 mofupoInteresting view :) Are your streets always so empty like in the videos?Maybe I should have made my driver-licence in Finland :D
03.05.2009 21:57 verruadd picture about what it looks mounted to car?
03.05.2009 20:59 willekThe camera used is my trusty Fuji Finepix F30
03.05.2009 19:34 JapalaSurprisingly steady video . Great work :)
03.05.2009 19:13 aMigavery nice :) what camera did you use?
03.05.2009 19:10 YoshiI'd like to see a picture when this and the camera is mounted to the side of t he car :P
03.05.2009 17:04 willekadded some explanation..
03.05.2009 16:52 outsmartedcool project, but how did you attach cam to the car? Is it just magnet or something else?
03.05.2009 16:48 CaineWhat I can say? Thats just truly awesome :D