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CarCam Rev 2

Author: willek
Used time: 2 nights
Cost: ~10e
Categories: Cars | Photography Gear

The first carcam worked fine, but because of the sticker attachement, it wasn't very re-usable.
So I designed a new one, to be attached with strong magnets. I ordered the magnets from supermagnete.de.
Though they reside in germany, they have finnish pages too (with bad translations. :)

The aluminium materials are from Rautasoini here in Tampere. The bars are about 10mm thick and 20mm wide.
The center piece is made of 10mm thick aluminium plate.


I made two sets of legs, for better mounting capabilities.
The screws are m5 hex-bolts


Each magnet can hold 27kg of straight pulling force.


The magnets have strips of fake leather to avoid scratching the car.


Here it is mounted to my car. (My thanks for the pic go to Tuiske from BTCF)

Here is some "testing" :)

The videos were shot in BTCF´s Tampere Inside Burnout Party 2009, so perfectly legal rubber burning :)

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03.02.2010 19:38 MailTo make the same CarCam and to show Russian road :D
27.08.2009 16:56 willekThe tires were already worn from normal driving, and illegal. This was just good use for them :)
27.08.2009 16:45 rippepoor tires :( very good driving !
20.08.2009 19:21 LazerYou should film something with this. Looks really good btw :)
20.08.2009 13:29 DJanneJipa, atleast me :D
19.08.2009 23:16 JipaLooks really professional indeed. I'd bet there are some people willing to buy this sort of stuff :)
19.08.2009 23:09 HaoKiNow that has a nice professional look to it :)