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Hello. Assembly 2010 is almost here and i think that my Nexus Caterpillar is quite boring.. So it's time for a new casemod! This time i'm spending a little more time than 2 days (Build a computer inside 15w bass amplifier and furried it with red fur) I'm going to use my grandmas old pixma printer/scanner as base. The glass of scanner is offcourse window to the case, and there is going to be some green lighting. I'm going to paint outside of printer to glossy black and inside to fluoroscent green :)Also the gray parts of outside are going to get a green paint. Anybody maybe know where i could get a screen that would fit in pixmas screen place?

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27.06.2010 16:23 s0lidWell it's possible but you might have to make a controller board for it. Because that screen might use SPI, LCD Data, Paraller or some other interface.
27.06.2010 16:07 DJanneYes I think that would be possible..
25.06.2010 18:07 YarikoWhy not check the model of the screen and what kind of controller it uses right now? And then put a Google on work.
25.06.2010 17:57 Jyka95Do you think that it would be possible? I think that controlling this screen would need something like laptop screens and it would not be cheap :P
23.06.2010 10:30 DJanneWhy not use that screen?
22.06.2010 19:25 Jyka95Hmm. I think that i don't need colors :P black + green should be enough if there are any 4:3 black/green screens in this size .
22.06.2010 17:30 akeehThese OLED displays are nice to use and I guess some of those should fit there. Article: http://metku.net/index.html?path=articles/4dsystems-oled-technology/index_eng and this is one place to get them: http://www.tigal.com/products_brand.asp?bid=23 . They are not very cheap but I guess they are the best option if you want a nice and easy-to-use display.
22.06.2010 14:45 BenaHMeasure it and try find a display with those measurements