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Age: 34
Location: Tampere

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Author: Jipa
Used time: 3 weeks
Cost: ??
Categories: Handicrafts | Home entertainment | Musical instrument

The blaster project began when a friend of mine wanted a ghetto blaster. He didn't have the time or the required tools at the moment, so instead of waiting, he threw the parts, some plywood and a case of long drinks at my doorstep and asked me to do one for him.


Here's the plan I made... After cutting all the parts ;) I had a rough plan when I started cutting the wood, but seeing as I wanted to minimize the meters of sawing, I re-thought all the dimensions as I went.


Just to show it doesn't take much tools to make such basic wood works and to show why I wanted to minimize the cuts needed ;)


First dry fit. This was a bit nerve-wrecking because of the lack of plans at this stage. Anyway everything fit just fine and I could start gluing the case together.


I used some polyurethane-based wood glue for all the joints and it seemed to stick so well there are actually only a couple of screws in the whole thing. Around the edges I glued a 15x15 mm wood for some extra support and so I could seal the box. The rear/top panels are joined together and come out as a single piece.