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Antec Threehundred

Author: EpTheModder
Used time: 1 week
Cost: ~40€
Categories: Full case | Single case mods

So, as everyone who has Antec's Threehundred knows that the wireing in the case looks like a mess. Mine looked horrible, so i desided to mod a little; to paint all matte black, make holes for wires, etc..

Before any mods, all parts taken off, some holes drawn:

All the holes done, i used 5mm drill and dremel cut-off wheel to cut them:

I desided to put rubber stelths in the holes to make them more comfortable for the wires. My neareset modding store didn't have any (weird..) so i made them myself.
How to make them?:
1. Strip a piece of wire.
2. Take all the copper etc.. out.
3. Start to open the wires coating from somewhere near the end.
4. Finish opening the coating.
5. Put in place
6. Ready!
All of them in place and glued:

After that, i made new holes for HDDs, to mount them backwards:

Now i think that i am ready to paint!