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IBM AT - ATX conversion

Author: EnForce1
Used time: 2 weeks
Cost: ~40€
Categories: Full case | Single case mods

So after some failures and successes I made it to the assembling phase. This is sligtly non-related to the actual project but I thought putting my current system in the case to see if it works for me.

The cooling is pretty simple, merely one intake fan and the obvious PSU, GFX and CPU fans. I had no hope putting my Tuniq Tower 120 for CPU cooling so I took some old heatsink for it (can't remember if it's Cooler Master or an old Intel boxed fan). Its fan was dead so I ghetto'd a Noctua 120mm fan to it using zip-ties :D Have to admit I got a bit lazy towards the end. Also, the intake fan is attached with same method.

And here's what the exterior looks like. I originally intended to put the lights for the whole length of the grill but there wasn't enough space around the HDD cage so it's a kind of a compromise. I bought a 10e Dremel knockoff to make the whole for the cathode switch. Also, the original computer lock works as the power switch. It doesn't have a momentary switch so when I boot the PC I have to revert the lock to open-position. Power and HDD work like they should.

Some last words:

I wanted to make a simple case which could be used in both vertical and horizontal positions. It has some retro feel, especially if it's used horizontally but that wasn't my main interest. The back of the case is something I'm not very proud of and I could say the same about the paintjob. But overall I'm glad that I finished what I began doing as this was my first real case mod =)

And I simply had to do something artsy with the case :DD

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27.11.2011 20:45 KetturiYou should have keep the orginal look, it would be awesome to show to friends "this can run cysis" x)
11.10.2011 23:33 EpTheModder@11/10/11: looking good so far, keep going :)