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Age: 27
Location: Kuopio

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Boombox à la me. (unfinished)

Author: lazuu94
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Cost: ~150e
Categories: Handicrafts | Audio

So, I've been planning about making something "cool" for a long time. Usually it has been computer case / case mod 
or something to play music with. No, at the end of high school I noticed that now I have enough time to do almost anything 
so I managed to start my own ghettoblaster project. 

Now I have built it slowly about two weeks and it's going to be ready hopefully this week. The final deadline I thought 
would have ben vappu, but it seems to be ready much earlier. 

Now it's time to tell you a bit about the progress. Hopefully you like what you will see and comments are all welcome!
Just don't be to cruel, it's my first real project. :)