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Age: 27
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Boombox à la me. (unfinished)

Author: lazuu94
Used time:
Cost: ~150e
Categories: Handicrafts | Audio

So, after Christmas, just before my final exams I felt like "I must do something after 
this all". I started with some simple modelling with sketchup.


I surfed around the internet and bought the materials.

2x50w amp from sure-electronics:

Amp sounds actually quite good. And it was cheap. And hopefully easy to use in project.

Then I went to www.dx.com and bought some batteries. I use two 11,1v/5200mAh batteries, should be enough? From dx I also bought power switch.

The coating was quite easy to decide, and the color turned out to be quite nice in my opinion.

All other stuff is from shops nearby, mdf I used in my project was from puukeskus and it was CHEAP, just 8 euros.

After final exams I went to puukeskus and then did later at home some drawings.