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Age: 34
Location: Monza

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Camo Yaris

Author: Hochram
Used time: 15~
Cost: 30~
Categories: Cars

Well.... why not add some color to my old car?

It's time to improve my painting skill and finally I had a pretty good idea...something not too fancy to try.

At first I thought to do it on the sidemirrors but I preferred ( fortunately) to make some pratice with internal parts.

I would like to paint sidemirrors too but I think this pattern it's too bright for exterior, ghetto look guaranteed....

Maybe in the future, I will think of something better.

Tiger Camo Stripes  Black Grey Blue

My first "serious" painting work, very distant from perfection, I made a lot of mistakes, stains and so on...fortunately the pattern forgives some errors..

I'm aware of the mid-low level of this job...but it's my first time so I'm pretty happy whit this :) ( btw I think there are better patterns :P)

Enough words, let's see pics!

I started from the central tunnel console ( looks like an alien with wide-open mouth lol)

Paint it black! no sandpaper work here, the surface is alredy rough enough ( a lot of work avoided)

Let's go with the grey bigger stripes ( you can see on the left the stencil I used )

And blue stripes all over them! (see the orrible stains on the side! I don't mind, when that piece is mounted nobody can see that awful spot :D)

Main console!

Masking starts...

Masking ends... wow ( yes, I broke something behind that...but all works correctly :D, I found a lot of useless parts lol)

Black, Grey, Blue

Final result! ( added 2 transparent layers on every part)

(even my slippers are matching!) :D

Obviuosly I searched the internet to find tips and tricks for this kind of pattern painting, not so good to develop it by myself ( or should I say I didn't wanted to start an infinite trial and error process.. I needed to start doing something fast!)

Every comments, tips, critics...appreciated :)

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30.06.2013 11:59 HochramThanks Jipa, it's worth the practice :)
27.06.2013 20:57 JipaNot sure about the scheme, but atleast you made good work with it :)
23.05.2013 20:21 HochramImages restored, I don't know why but all images were replaced by /""/, maybe it happened when I edited some text... Thanks Drakulla and JohnEdward