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Ghettoblaster V1.0.0

Author: OssQ
Used time: 4h and counting
Cost: 100€
Categories: Handicrafts | Electronics | Audio

Front panel taking shape, also the final drivers on their place, drivers are Boschman Evo 6,5".

Still need to figure out place for the battery and cut pipes to lenght.

Power switches, volume knob and everything else fits now.

***Now waiting last pieces from sawing. After that holes for the 5,25" drivers will be cut and the small ampilifier will be assembled. When those are finished connectors for the charger will be made and the whole thing will be covered with leather.***

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16.01.2014 21:38 alfonsallright: few q's: which frequency you have tuned that box. How much it weighs? What kind of amp are u planning?