Nick: Lcdlo  Info
Age: 44
Location: Jyvaskyla

.:Projects by user



Author: Lcdlo
Used time: 30
Cost: 20€+recon
Categories: Single case mods

Finlly assembled and in use:

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30.05.2014 00:14 Voryonrecon user here too, the lcd sucks but aftermarket software is solid and does a good job!
29.05.2014 14:03 vikiReally nice work with this!! Got that bitfenix recon too, its really good for changing fan speeds :)
28.05.2014 13:49 Lcdlo...and now its an optical drive too.
28.05.2014 13:42 LcdloIts a fan speed controller with touchscreen. It also shows temperatures inside the case.
19.05.2014 16:46 meesphhtHmmm, still trying to figure out what it is and does?
15.10.2013 07:22 LcdloThanks mates .)
15.10.2013 00:28 JapalaSweet! :)
14.10.2013 20:27 GammalfThat is real modding ! Just great