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Age: 44
Location: Jyvaskyla

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Simple ssd-holder

Author: Lcdlo
Used time: 10min
Cost: 1€
Categories: Single case mods

Simple and quick ssd-holder for "every" -case.

Wanted to add couble ssd:s to my system, but wanted to make things easy and quick.

I did these parts. Holes are drilled with 4mm drill.

And attached ssd:s like this.

There is a little difference between the ssd and odd mounting hole measures.

4mm holes in the holder have enough clearance.

Easy, quick and even not so bad looking simple mod. :)

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08.12.2014 16:30 alfonsYeah, tend to have games on HDD, and move them to SSD if I start playing it once again
05.12.2014 19:31 Lcdloi have actually removed that lower hdd- cage. if someone wants it, you can have it. :-)
03.12.2014 21:37 LcdloGames are so big in these days.. And its cheaper to buy new 120gb, than sell the old one and buy one bigger, thought.
03.12.2014 17:58 JipaFour SSDs? Strange :)