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Age: 28

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Reactor Mouse

Author: OwNen
Used time: 4 Days
Cost: ~$5NZD
Categories: Mice and Mousepads

This was my first mod, after being bored with a standard white mouse. I decided to go with the nuclear / rustique theming, and IMO it came out quite well.

altRadioactive Logo Painted On - Rust & Decay effects.

Mouse Buttons are Hazard Stripes with Rust & Decay alt

Currently im making a firewheel, but im going to use green LED's - for a 'radioactive' effect.
After that a keyboard is going to be modded to match.

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10.01.2009 21:20 isthejakei hope you put some kinda clear coat on to keep that bitchin paint job from wearin off
06.02.2008 18:00 Honzathis mouse is radioactive ?? lol
08.08.2006 01:39 tjustnice mouse, if you haden't told that you painted it, you could actually think that the mouse is steel and rusted =D
24.07.2006 01:48 NeowelchsevilismThat's pretty cool! Quite detailed as well.
23.07.2006 23:43 drakminYellow could match too for the wheel?