Nick: PolkaDot  Info
Age: 40

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gaming and 3d modeling computer

Author: PolkaDot
Used time: three years?
Cost: $2500+
Categories: Full case | Monitor | Cooling

This is my computer setup for now, the case is just to
make my computer portable for LAN parties untill my
homemade one is complete, which will be a while.
The monitors are my newest addition, aluminum channel
and a little acrylic to hold the PCBs, i will rebuild the
chassis to make it a little prettier and add an adjustable
stand. soon, i hope.
the computer case contains a hard drive rack i made
from acrylic with rubber bushings to accomidate the
8 drives. everything else is pretty stock at the moment.


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20.11.2009 09:32 aMigaHC indeed ! :)
19.11.2009 23:25 milaihothat is hardcre machine :D
14.11.2007 21:43 naake1you should do the baby satamod on this one .D
19.04.2007 17:39 naake1THIS IS TERRIBLE!
13.03.2007 21:32 highvoltthat gonna eat you =D "nice"
04.01.2007 17:46 metalfusionHardcore alien machinery :O
28.11.2006 15:15 Yoshilooks so sweet :) how many HDDs ? 7?