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Childrens woolen socks

Author: stina
Used time: a week, knitting a bit every now and then
Cost: 3 x 3 (cheaper if you have yarn already)
Categories: Handicrafts

As I have plenty of old yarns at home, I wanted to get rid of them. This small project of self-planned socks helps me a bit and the result is - or at least should be - pretty nice.

It took me ages to count the right amount of stitches. I haven't been knitting for a while so my stitches vary from old ones. First I was going to knit with 44, then with 40, but ended up in 46 and one size bigger needles (3,0 mm). The ribbing is made with 2,5 mm needles. I almost always knit ribs with smaller needles. The rib is knitted 1 twisted, 1 purl for 6 purple and 6 light pink rows.


The idea of this sock is to make even stripes with two matching and softer colors, while the heel and the toes are bright orange. My daughter chose the colors by herself.


After the leg of the sock was long enough, it was time to make another rib in the ankle with the same technique (knit 1 twisted, purl 1) as earlier. Again 6 rows of purple and 6 rows of light pink before the heel. The orange heel was knitted with half of the stitches + 2 from the other two needles. The decreases were made with a technique called 'welsh heel'.


This is the almost finished sock. The stripes are quite fine, though 6 rows for each stripe sounded too much as I had earlied made adult socks with 4 rows' lines (with the same yarn). The leg reaches almost up to the knee, which might just be good on winterdays.  I hope the ribbing in the ankle will help the sock to fit better. At least the twisted knits make the rib more tight - and it looks beautiful too.

The toetips will be orange too.
More photos will come later as I get the socks finished :)

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03.09.2006 05:32 rljchnice, im going to knite something too