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Felting - wet and dry :)

Author: stina
Used time: 1 hour
Cost: 2-3
Categories: Handicrafts

Felting has become pretty popular in Finland. I wanted to try it too, and bought some colors for trying. The smallest amounts were 20 g, which cost about 1,5 €, like the purple one. Green, red and white are much heavier amounts, but I still have lots of them left, even if I made about 20 Christmas cards of them :)

Wool smells like wool. It's soft and warm and really nice to handle.

My 5-yo. daughter making wet felting. The warm water is needed to make the wool to stick together. These first tries are always pretty difficult, and at least we got wet, too :) You are supposed to take small strips of the wool and slowly rub it to get it stuck to the flatter surface.  By adding warm water every now and then the process is easier.

(Notice the butterfly on the shirt, it's made with air brushing technique.)

One result of dry felting (with a needle) is the heart shape, which was made with the help of a gingerbread mould. The heart was then glued to the golden paper and on the green folded card.

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25.03.2008 13:12 stinahttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Felting (Huovutus in Finnish)
24.03.2008 13:43 alfonsfelting?
11.12.2006 21:53 viki?