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Diy screen for projector

Author: drakmin
Used time: 12h
Cost: 75e
Categories: Home entertainment | Room and Desk Shots | Furniture

Diy screen + speaker stands

Stands are made of 4mm aluminum. Parts are being polished here after the sanding.

Screen frame is constructed from 2x2" wood. Outer frame is painted white to match the wall.

Smaller mdf piece is covered with foam. The 2,5cm spacing areas are finished with DC-Fix tape.

Screen itself is painted with Tikkurila h499 colour. (similar to harmony x073) And the black framework is covered with fabric.

Black cloth looks nicer than a paint, and it does not reflect any light coming from the projector.

Another angle, only centerspeaker is missing and cables are not hidden yet.

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11.08.2009 07:14 redstarwhat kind of subwoofer is that
20.06.2007 22:18 drakminJust se, mkII malli mutta ihan surkea laitos. Leffoilla menettelee musalla ei.
20.09.2006 21:06 tjustei kai vaan oo audio pro B1.35 subbari :P
14.09.2006 19:33 OlliPutkivahvistin puuttuu :)
10.09.2006 23:19 drakminChorus Compact 662.
10.09.2006 20:49 SimppaMitkä kaiuttimet sulla on? Onko noi Ionit? Amphionit?
08.09.2006 00:26 ZIPDriveNice nice, i like that!
07.09.2006 23:40 drakminLedin vois vaihtaa punaiseksi, vastuksen kanssa tietenkin :D
07.09.2006 21:10 willekpitäs itekki jaksaa laittaa omaan joku tippa kynsilakkaa tms
07.09.2006 21:10 willekkai sää pimennät ton ledin tosta subbelista, on meinaan kohtuu kirkas :)
05.09.2006 19:49 kotisvety nice job!:)
01.09.2006 14:05 willekkirsikkafookkus
01.09.2006 13:45 drakminIt must be the fact we just moved in, haven't had any time to get too much stuff :D
01.09.2006 13:38 Jipayour whole home looks illegaly neat and tidy :|