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Age: 33
Location: Monza

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Author: Hochram
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Waiting for some tuning on my car ( when I'll own one lol) I worked on  my bike, especially adding leds and other electronics...
These photos show my bike when it was "ready", now I'm working on new stuff....
When my bike will be "ready" again, I will show you every details, now I can only post these few  images due to hardware problems ( my hard disk left me alone... :( )

The intensity of leds in these 2 photos is a bit enhanced, but not too much, taking perfect picture is not too simple when you work at night on ice lol


Excuse for my english, i'm italian :P maybe i'm going to correct this text lol

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28.09.2006 14:22 Hochramthis ice came from 30cm of snow ...... it was very hard, i passed the whole afternoon to break it and clean the garden :P
27.09.2006 22:25 sahkoistajawhere do u have so much ice in Italy?
03.09.2006 01:54 HochramThank you ! I'm working for an upgrade!
03.09.2006 01:20 JapalaWelcome to ATM. Nice looking bike you got there. :)
02.09.2006 23:19 JipaThere's no need to be sorry for your english as most of Americans can't spell either ;)