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VooDoo2 haloween costume

Author: PolkaDot
Used time: three days or so
Cost: maybe $50 on foam, $20 on spray paint
Categories: Other Computer Components | Other Hobbies or sports | Jokes

This is my haloween costume from back in 1998, the monster graphics VooDoo2!
my friend even had one and we did SLI, oh quake 2 looked so good back then.

i bought a couple giant sheets of 2inch foam rubber, and cut out all of the chips form smaller 1inch stuf,
with accent resistors out of even smaller material.
even the pins on the chips are dimensional. its by no means a complete mockup, but
ifs pretty similar to the layout of the original board, complete with three (!) graphics processors.

the back got eaten by rats a little more than the front, but it was in storage for a few months before these
pictures were taken.

originally the two sides were connected so i could wear it like a sandwich board, and my eyes lined up about
with the eye hole up near the end, it was fun to make, but no one had any idea what i was.
people thought i was a bookcase or something. oh well i didnt look as stupid as my friend who dressed up as
harry potter.

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05.11.2009 21:38 legalmaniaccool. looks awesome
24.10.2008 05:34 addminni love it. fricken fantastic - i still have this card in the cupboard.
28.03.2007 20:04 mofupogreat idea
14.09.2006 18:18 maximyuryevlol this is sooo tight 5/5 best "halo"ween costume