Nick: Voryon  Info
Age: 27
Location: Helsinki



Uploaded: 17.07.2009 18:14
Categories: Cooling | Peripherals

Voryon - organized cables and added few things =)

organized cables and added few things =)

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09.02.2011 09:07 Voryondid a similiar build to myself as to my fiance :) Fractal Design Define XL,M4A79XTD EVO/USB3 with 965BE, asus HD6870 directcu & 8gb 1333mhz ddr3..only problem was my monitor broke down started with having wierd noise and this morning it wouldnt turn on, any one got a clue what happened?
13.11.2010 15:16 Jipai5 760 is faster than Phenom 965... Athlons just don't cut it in comparison, but for a gaming build the 460 should still work just fine.
13.11.2010 03:14 Voryonhow does AMD Athlon II X4 460 compare against core I5 760 ? trying to figure out some cost effective pc for my fiance, system will be running with an GTX 460 and is ment for gaming, thanks for any input
02.11.2009 18:51 Voryonmanaged to repair my P5Q PRO... few cpu pins in the mobo was bended >.<
24.07.2009 22:37 JipaNo probs! I reckon those are the mods that you pretty much have to do to make the old P180/P182 suitable for modern day parts...