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Age: 36



Uploaded: 26.07.2007 20:37
Categories: Room and Desk Shots

arzi - Työpöytä


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13.12.2007 17:39 aMiganice...mine is idle 53 and load 73 sometimes 79 :(
13.12.2007 16:23 arziYes it is silent-model. Temperatures are idle 49C load 64C
12.12.2007 22:51 aMigadamn.. Do you have a silent-model of that 7300GT? if you have could you tell some temperatures?
10.08.2007 20:02 vikiMinullakin sama hiiri matto:P Krait kuvassa on eri ;)
10.08.2007 18:47 WeZaheh, samanlainen hiirimatto kuin mulla :D
26.07.2007 22:16 arziLinux kone: C2D 6400E 1Gt 533MHz ddr2 GF7300GT 256Mt 200Gt sata DVD-RW Kubuntu 7.04 Windows kone: AXP 2400+ 1Gt 333MHz GF6600GT 128Mt 80Gt CD-RW Windows XP home edition
26.07.2007 22:07 potkisKoneen pskeksejä?