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Age: 30
Location: Brisbane

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Uploaded: 06.12.2007 10:47
Categories: Full case | Single case mods | Cooling

bluebright - Finished sanding.

Finished sanding.

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06.12.2007 17:48 drakminToo transparent cases suck, thats why I'l like to see mesh...
06.12.2007 17:48 drakminAcryl + metal mesh on top of it.
06.12.2007 15:40 laurilrMirror/plexi ;D When it's dark inside the case it would be mirror and when there is some light it would be a normal plexi
06.12.2007 13:58 s0lidRed UV plexi :D
06.12.2007 13:46 bluebrightatm, it's going to be red plexi, but if anyone has better idea's i like to hear them.
06.12.2007 12:16 HaoKiI really like the shape of this case. :)
06.12.2007 11:06 JipaThis is gonna be good :) I may have missed, but from which material are you gonna make the side panels?