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Title: NSLU2
Created: 23.09.2007 21:48
Making a custom case for a Linksys Network Storage Link.
Front and back plates are ready for some drilling. I had to cut the aluminum from a wide |____| shaped aluminum piece because it was the only piece that had the thickness I wanted. The black plate on the bottom left photo is the original plate from the case. I didn't use the original ones because they had holes in bad places and the material is something very strong and heavy compared to aluminum.
Front and back plate...
New case for the NSLU2 project.
Updated the project page.
New case for the NSL...
New plan for the NSLU2 box. The case this time is the case of a car inverter (12VDC->230VAC). It has a bit more room than the old one. The two first are made with SketchUp and the third is a photoshopped image of the real thing.
New plan for the NSL...