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Title: Model rocket 1
Created: 28.08.2010 13:21

I made fins for my model rocket project from 2mm plastic. I rounded all the top edges and sanded a blade like edge on the bottom to get an airfoil to minimize drag. All the surfaces are finished with water sanding up to a 1200 grid paper so they are very smooth.

Motor mount and parachute material can be seen in the bottom middle photo.

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I made fins for my m...
Now something very different.. Model rockets.

I participated to a model rocket course to get myself a rocket license so I can buy and use rocket engines (license is needed due to the Finnish laws and restrictions on explosives and stuff). I'm now building my first model rocket for the course flight (course includes a small theory examination and a course flight) and it's coming together quite nicely.

I made the nose cone from a vitamin tablet tube by cutting the shape as a crown and then I filled the gaps with some quick 5min epoxy glue and then a lot of filing and sanding to get the final shape.

I covered the body tube with a thin layer of epoxy to harden it up and I'll sand it down next and repeat the procedure maybe ones or twice to get a good surface.

After I get some more practice on building these rockets I'll lauch a cheap pen video camera with one up to the sky. :]

More to come..

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Now something very d...