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Title: Rotating LED display
Created: 28.08.2010 13:25

Small upgrade for my rotating LED POV display. I did some changes to the original IR link setup and removed the optical wire from the threaded rod and ran wires for a photo transistor that I placed on top of the rod.

Now the IR serial link works very nicely and I made a little drawing program to test it out. Watch a short video clip of it in action:
Small upgrade for my...
My rotating led display project. It has 16 two color leds (red+green) so possible colors are red, green and orange/yellowish (both red and green on at the same time). So vertical resolution is 16 pixels and horizontal depends on the image, the "hello" image is 36 pixels wide.

Read the whole story from my website:

Video clip:

I'm possibly taking this to the Assembly '08 event so look around if you can spot it. Maybe a bit hard in the big hall, but I'll try to get it to display something easily noticeable. :)

Edit: Video clip taken at Assembly '08:
My rotating led disp...