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Title: Robot hand
Created: 28.08.2010 13:26

SketchUp plan for my robot hand project I'm working on. There will be five normal sized servo motors and two mini servos. The fifth normal servo is under the translucent round piece for sideways rotation. There are two servos for the first joint because the biggest amount of torque is needed at that point. Maybe I'll find a high-torque servo for that later, dunno, I only have normal ones at hand at the moment.

The whole thing will be controlled with my own servo controller. You'll get more information about that from my website:

The servo controller is attached to the serial port on the PC (or serial->usb adapter) and I already programmed a small graphical software in Java to control the robot arm via the servo controller.

I'll post some photos after I get some of the parts done, stay tuned. :)

Update 24-05-2008: I spiced up the model with SketchyPhysics -plugin and took a video of the arm in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2OBCpbCEc4
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