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Title: Random
Created: 28.08.2010 13:26

I finally built a projection screen for my video projector. The aspect ratio of the screen is 16:9 and the size is 85" diagonal (188 cm wide and 106 cm high).

The frame is made of 21mm*21mm wood which was then covered with black fabric. Then I stretched a white cloth to the frame and a black cloth on top of that so light doesn't get through. All the fabric pieces were attached with staples and I think I used over 300 of them.

I might do the screen of a piece of MDF painted with the suitable color later, but this is better than nothing for now.
I finally built a pr...
Quick test with two projectors and projected pictures (almost) seamlessly aligned side by side. Little bit of color variation between the projectors because of different lamp usage times. The little screen between the projectors is Nokia N800 that I used as a VNC client to control the computer while testing.
Quick test with two ...
Today's shoppings ;)
Got two of them very cheaply (one is going to my parents maybe) with a lot of hours to go with the light bulbs inside. The third one is broken (freebie), but a good source for spare parts for the working ones.
Today's shoppings ;)...
Operation tidy-up-the-wires. I did some new arrangements to my apartment and after that I decided to tidy up all the wires going to the TV-stand, AV-amps and speakers. Took a couple hours but it was worth it. Looks nicer and eases up cleaning.

The upper AV-amplifier is that way because it is for the speakers on my computer table on the right and the lower one is for surround sound when watching movies etc from the computer via TV.

The thing on the cables is spiral wire loom.
Operation tidy-up-th...
New gadget that I bought last week. I know that N810 would be nicer with its built-in keyboard but the price difference is so big so I don't want to pay so much extra for almost just a keyboard. Nicer thing with 800 is that it has two normal sized SD-card slots where 810 just has one miniSD-slot.

The direction of the USB-port on the device is switchable so it can work as a host: USB-keyboards and memory sticks can be attached.
New gadget that I bo...
I engraved this space invader creature on the back of my 
Nokia 6230 with a Dremel Engraver during the Metku.net Dremel workshops at Assembly '08.
I engraved this spac...
I've had this idea in my mind  for a long time now and happened to get a few 10-packs of new unused disks for free yesterday so I decided to give it a try. It took about half an hour to put them on the wall with little pieces of double sided tape and 46 disks were used for the figure. It might look nice if there were a white backlight behind every disk.. Maybe someday. ;)
I've had this idea i...
Quick few hour project to get some space on the desk. It is a little shelf for little stuff like the external HDD and network switch etc.

Height: 33,5 cm | Width: 19,5 cm | Depth: 19,5 cm

32 nuts, 28 washers, 128 cm of M10 thread rod (4 x 32 cm). The wood is 18 mm thick and is finished with a cherry colored wood wax (same stuff that I used on the bed frame behind it) to give it some look (nice stuff because it doesn't smell so it can be applied indoors, is non-toxic  and it dries very quickly).
Quick few hour proje...
Just a quick test project I made yesterday while visiting my parents here at home. Found this funny instructable of a DIY cotton candy machine (http://www.instructables.com/id/cotton-candy-machine/) and had to give it a try, so here it is.

The bottom part is cut from a compressed air spray can and it has a hole in the middle of it where is a M3 bolt for connecting it to the motor (visible in the photo). Then I made lots of holes with a sharp screw and a hammer. The top part is from a drink can because it had a good and tight fit when pushed on the bottom part. Hole is on the middle to feed sugar inside the thing. Heating is made with that mini torch.

It works like this: The sugar is fed inside the rotating thing and the mini torch will start to melt down the sugar. The motor rotates the chamber and the centrifugal force pushes the melted sugar out from the holes with a good speed and produces some sugar fibers you then collect with a stick.

The performance of this first test version wasn't very good, because the sugar I used wasn't maybe the best for this purpose and the holes on the rotating chamber were maybe a bit too big, so the sugar splatters were too big. Maybe I'll try to do a better one some day. :)
Just a quick test pr...
Since everyone seem to be freezing their money, so...
Don't take too seriously, couldn't resist. ;)
Since everyone seem ...
Part of my room made with SketchUp and almost everything is measured with 2-5mm accuracy. :)
Part of my room made...