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Title: Electronics
Created: 28.08.2010 13:27

Transmitter and receiver pair for one upcoming project. The longer one is the receiver and the connector is a 9-pin D-sub. I used 433MHz transmitter and receiver set from SparkFun and both of the "motherboards" I made for them contain an ATtiny2313.

More info coming after I get some software done for both of the boards.

Board dimensions:
Transmitter: 24mm * 33mm
Receiver: 24mm * 49mm (62mm with the connector)
Transmitter and rece...
Quickly made galvanic isolator between the DVB-C box and antenna cable. Removed the 50Hz hum from speakers and signal quality of the broadcast is still around 90% so no problems with picture either.

Very cheap and efficient way to break down the ground loop causing the hum. Only two connectors and two 10nF 250-400V rated capacitors. I made the box from small pieces of PCB and soldered all of them together to form a RF-shield to the inside and a sturdy box. Note that the other connector's body isn't connected to the box frame!

Schematic borrowed from here:
Quickly made galvani...
The 7" screen panel from Joytech Ultimate Travel Pack for Xbox stuffed inside a Lacie Porsche external HDD casing.

More info and a project log in english coming soon. For more photos, visit Metku.net's forums (text in finnish):
The 7" screen p...