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Uploaded: 21.07.2006 11:40
Categories: Full case | Cooling | Peripherals

akeeh - A SketchUp plan of my case project.

A SketchUp plan of my case project.

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14.06.2008 11:44 akeehFirst hit on google with words "sketchup models", couldn't be any easier to find.
13.06.2008 01:27 laurilrWhere do you get those mobo, hdd, gpu etc. models? I tried to google but couldn't find anything. I also tried to use sketchup ;D It is very easy to learn using Google SketchUp ;o
13.06.2008 00:26 akeehIt was some premade part I used. By the looks I guess the model has been some old drive so it is a bit longer.
12.06.2008 23:14 willekthat cd-drive is rather long
12.06.2008 21:37 Japalahttp://sketchup.google.com/
12.06.2008 21:34 KoisaajaWich program you use?
12.03.2007 04:26 hevinallemiten näitä tehää :)
23.11.2006 16:48 MthedLooking good.
21.10.2006 18:45 goatwareNice planning. I love sketchup :)
25.09.2006 14:24 akeehThis was just a fairly quick project for this old and small ATX-case. The PSU is up because it doesn't fit nicely on top of the CPU cooler.
25.09.2006 14:22 akeehCircusact: Yeah, I've noticed some interference with the graphics card and I'm making a new case already. Nothing fancy and cool, just a well ventilated and roomy case compared to this. Look my other photos and you'll see the finished case what this sketch was for.
25.09.2006 02:26 CircusactFrom what I see here. this is a promising concept/design. But on a word of caution, the PSU is dangerously close to expansion cards. Myabe it would better suit to have the PSU lower down? Switch the 120mm with the PSU? just some thoughts from a fellow custom case builder.
09.08.2006 19:27 JipaAny pics of the actual case? :o
23.07.2006 23:50 akeehThe VGA card will get cold air as well, but I haven't planned that far yet. I'll be posting a newer sketch soon that will have a front panel too.
23.07.2006 04:26 snowmanThere is a program called SketchUP ;)
23.07.2006 00:00 VaraosaVery nice 3D -graphis =) -How you make that?
22.07.2006 19:23 snowmanHm, interesting :) ... don't you think VGA card will get only hot air ?