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Age: 25
Location: Seinšjoki



Uploaded: 27.03.2008 16:08
Categories: Monitor | Desktop shots and software related

PullaUazMan - My 3DMark06 result with this hardware:AMD Athlon64 X2 4600+(2.4GHz)Corsair 667MHz 2GBAsus M2N32-SLI Deluxe WiFi Edition (Yes, th

My 3DMark06 result with this hardware:
AMD Athlon64 X2 4600+(2.4GHz)
Corsair 667MHz 2GB
Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe WiFi Edition (Yes, those are Jipa's old stuff)
2x MSI GF 7900 GTO 512MB @ SLI
WD 80GB + Seagate 500GB SATAII
Samsung WriteMaster DVD-RW SATA
LC-Power 550W
and modded Antec 1080AMG(Will upload picture from the case some day)

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28.03.2008 08:39 PullaUazMantwo cards doesn't double the noise... http://plaza.fi/s/f/vanhat/70193.png
28.03.2008 02:51 JipaYou forgot to say that two cards = double the noise :) except if you buy two coolers that makes them cost more than a single G92-card. We're not whining, we're just trying to give you some tips for the future.
28.03.2008 01:47 PullaUazMantypo in my first comment. mach = mutch. and why whine about somebody's hardware. theyre not yours, so its not yours problem.
28.03.2008 01:40 Well, I would probably pick the new parts but SLI rig ain't bad solution if you already have the other part of the components (all though SLI/CrossFire doesn't scale up as much as it should in all apps but it gives you a decent results still) :)
28.03.2008 01:37 Why pay 50e less and use SLI-technology? maybe because it sounds cool, makes your friend green, recycles -not-brand-new- components and enlargers your virtual-pe**s...
28.03.2008 01:04 willekWhy pay 50e more? maybe because its faster, has lesser heat output, has no sli-related bugs...
28.03.2008 00:58 PullaUazMan[Jipa: Wohoo two graphic cards and almost as high score as with a single G92-card :D] Why pay 50e from DX10-support? :)
27.03.2008 20:40 Jipa"But I'm a different kind of young and refuse to use Intel"... sigh
27.03.2008 20:39 laurilrMy friend can reach 11k when using Intel C2D E4300
27.03.2008 20:38 PullaUazManMakekaze, yep. i think im gonna try how mach can i raise that 3dmark result with cpu overclocking...
27.03.2008 19:06 bottleneck: CPU
27.03.2008 17:03 JipaWohoo two graphic cards and almost as high score as with a single G92-card :D