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Title: 10 GHz FM-TX
Created: 13.01.2009 00:07

Horn antenna and it's wave guide. (see my other pic of this also)
Horn antenna and it'...
It's a ~10 GHz FM-transmitter for video. I accidentally threw away all the papers about mesurments so I can't confirm the exact transmit frequency.

The basic idea is pretty simple. First there is a dielectric resonator oscillator (that gray disc on the left bottom corner). The signal is passed to a band pass filter on the right side of resonator. The there is two clas-A amplifier stages. After second stage the signal is fed to a tap in a horn antennas wave guide.

FM modulation is done by altering suply voltage of the resonator.

Oh an the most important thing... I made this transmitter by modifying a LNB which was used to receive analog satellite TV.

I was able to receive picture with another LNB and SAT-receiver. Although the picture was prety noisy because the resonator on transmitter was "little" broken and it was then very unstable.
It's a ~10 GHz FM-tr...