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Age: 30



Uploaded: 28.02.2009 14:48

hevinalle - new toys in my car :)

new toys in my car :)

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05.03.2009 21:52 Akameand these your mighty amplifier and sub are better ;)))
03.03.2009 12:05 YoshiPorted box plays louder but not as accurately as sealed one.
02.03.2009 19:54 lossdriverIt depends on driver parameters which kind of box is better, I like ported boxes ;)
02.03.2009 19:36 drakminI recommend sealed case for car use. For every driver :D
01.03.2009 13:26 YoshiHow are you going to design the case ?
01.03.2009 10:00 EuronenThat amplifier has got a nice price/value ratio. Where did u buy it?
28.02.2009 23:02 vikivery nice
28.02.2009 22:25 NiBaMMM.. Sweeeeet.. :)
28.02.2009 16:30 alfonsdont say that this is coming to home?
28.02.2009 15:37 HochramSlurp :P