Nick: naake1  Info
Age: 27
Location: Turku



Uploaded: 18.11.2007 14:58
Categories: Desktop shots and software related

naake1 - Whats wrong with this image?mitä vikaa tässä on?

Whats wrong with this image?
mitä vikaa tässä on?

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18.11.2007 17:40 YoshiSubmit it to HwBot :)
18.11.2007 17:40 YoshiSo obvious crash related bug :)
18.11.2007 17:32 naake1LOL the problen is that i have oppy 170 and a ATi X700 pro = 7k but 3dmark frozed and gave me 18456p XD :D:DD:
18.11.2007 16:41 GSXhmm, I have been living under a rock as far as fast pc's go. I just got back into it again a few months ago, so excuse my benching ignorance...
18.11.2007 15:44 HaoKi:D
18.11.2007 15:44 YoshiI got 25k with my E6400 and 7900GTX :) so compare this to my score :D
18.11.2007 15:43 YoshiAnd this is 3dmark03 with Opteron 170 and Radeon X700Pro 256m if i remember right so with that kinda setup that is unbelievably high score :P ( The X700 Pro is like GF6600GT when we talk about power)
18.11.2007 15:33 HaoKiWell 06 doesn't have game tests numbered from 1-4...
18.11.2007 15:14 GSXis it 03? I cant see a damn thing
18.11.2007 15:11 HaoKiWel considering that this seems to be 3dmark03 the result really isn't that groundbreaking...:P
18.11.2007 15:08 GSX18k seems a bit high, and the tire on the honda is unresonably skinny!