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Title: case
Created: 29.03.2007 10:28
WIP Chieftec.
Work in progress... since 2006 summer, hehe.
Work in progress... ...

Title: keyboard
Created: 29.03.2007 09:41
painted, old keytronic..
Same story as before, viewed from writers perspective.
Same story as before...
Same story as earlier. Next to painted keyboard is same model as original. I bought them from local recycling center with 5euros. What a waste :)
Same story as earlie...
Same story as earlier feat. leds.
Same story as earlie...
Painted with black spray. Keys with white.. I think the result was pretty good but those white keys I painted with rush so I'm not fully satisfied with them. But in the end I think it ended up good :)

I also changed original green leds to red ones, because I think red leds suits better with black than... well... green.

Oh, and I decided to leave the original Pomi-sticker there partially because it's an inside joke and local store sells those Pomi-PC's which they put together here in Finland.

Idea is old but hey, it's self made... or painted. "This is my keyboard. There are many like it, but this one is mine. " :D
Painted with black s...