Nick: slipperyskip  Info
Age: 66
Location: McAlpin, FL



Uploaded: 19.08.2007 19:33
Categories: Full case

slipperyskip - The Skyscraper Photo PC

The Skyscraper Photo PC

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13.12.2009 02:39 HiTecAmazing wood art! Me Like!
19.12.2007 20:13 slipperyskipThanks! I've got two new ones coming Jan 7th.
18.12.2007 14:01 TekaritYou are sick, man. In good way
24.08.2007 13:20 slipperyskipThamks guys! It was made from old parts but VIA gave me a new board when they saw it. lol I have added a new photo that hopefully shows scale.
20.08.2007 18:10 tokyojeffThis is really great. Adding this to my todo list...but now in a larger font.
20.08.2007 08:02 bluebrightfantastic idea, especially if these were just old PC parts
20.08.2007 07:52 ErrtuThis is so artistic. I like the combinations of two woods. But it seems that you have to have all your pictures vertical, so that narrows them down.
19.08.2007 23:48 SFoi want one like that. now :-|
19.08.2007 22:34 YoshiAbsolutely b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l
19.08.2007 22:05 HochramReally well made
19.08.2007 21:40 it looks just awensome :p
19.08.2007 21:36 allsopThat looks nicer than myself
19.08.2007 21:00 JapalaDonation parts my dear s0lid :)
19.08.2007 20:41 s0lidlooks like than somebody have time ;) (and money)