Nick: slipperyskip  Info
Age: 64
Location: McAlpin, FL



Uploaded: 11.01.2008 00:16
Categories: Full case

slipperyskip - Size comparison photo

Size comparison photo

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12.01.2008 03:49 slipperyskipThanks! Build your own It is not that hard. The only power tool I use is a cordless drill.
11.01.2008 16:04 Sevvegod that looks nice, could pay almost anything to get one :D
11.01.2008 15:23 nixariwow all your work is extremly nice, mayby a wooden laptop next?
11.01.2008 14:43 slipperyskipI used laser printer decal paper to create water slide-on decals. No bluetooth. There are "emergency" USB ports on the bottom between the feet. I t could be the front end of a home automation system or just a desk ornament. Thanks for all the comments and thanks for the image bump Japala.
11.01.2008 13:58 HaoKiJust wondering... Is it designed to use only the touchscreen or does it include, for example bluetooth, for wireless peripherals? Awesome build-quality btw...:)
11.01.2008 13:04 JapalaAltered your image limit. Didn't notice that it was still at low setting.
11.01.2008 12:54 kazooWow, dude! Awesome!
11.01.2008 08:53 ZeroZoneNice =)
11.01.2008 08:51 YoshiThis just looks ridiculously cool and classy :)
11.01.2008 07:43 Errtu7-8" touchscreen? Thats really nice old radio looking like. How did you make those letters on wood? They look so pro. And the wood, is it red oak or something?
11.01.2008 04:56 slipperyskipIt is my hobby.
11.01.2008 00:28 JipaDo you make these for yourself or for sale?