Nick: slipperyskip  Info
Age: 64
Location: McAlpin, FL



Uploaded: 04.12.2008 02:31
Categories: Full case

slipperyskip - Size comparison shot.

Size comparison shot.

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24.12.2008 03:16 NmnOh my god.. This is nice!
17.12.2008 20:09 TeknoperunaN1CE!
06.12.2008 21:32 bhickey72Wow! That is an awesome piece of work. I would buy something like that in a minute
05.12.2008 17:08 rippeSir you are best with wood ;) Absolutely 5/5
04.12.2008 18:35 slipperyskipThanks guys! The wife tells me it was about 250 hours in the making. She should know. lol Low Sodium V8. Not bad if you add some salt.
04.12.2008 15:08 alfonsV8 100% vegetable juice? hrrrr... btw damn nice looking case! must take hours to finish
04.12.2008 14:47 zaketusAll of those cases you've made look awesome! 5/5
04.12.2008 14:38 pAbnSo you finished it :)! I've been following your project for a while on bit-tech :p That's cool.