Nick: slipperyskip  Info
Age: 63
Location: McAlpin, FL



Uploaded: 01.05.2010 04:48
Categories: Full case

slipperyskip - Level Eleven1.2 GHz VIA Nano 64-bit CPUVIA P820 Pico-ITX mainboardCrucial 2GB DDR2 system memoryIntel X25 160GB SSDPioneer DVD b

Level Eleven

1.2 GHz VIA Nano 64-bit CPU
VIA P820 Pico-ITX mainboard
Crucial 2GB DDR2 system memory
Intel X25 160GB SSD
Pioneer DVD burner
Windows 7 64-bit
Hard Pennsylvania Cherry

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01.10.2010 10:48 OtsoDear Mr. you've been born in a wrong time, the time of art deco has lost one master of the art to the future :D
20.06.2010 11:29 mKoAs slipperyskips website says, this project was inspired by that case
20.06.2010 05:45 hevinallehttp://www.jimms.fi/tuote/VL30001N1ZD?t=false (same as this)
03.05.2010 16:05 jurbeyou are amazing with wood
02.05.2010 17:18 dotperfect ;)
01.05.2010 16:06 slipperyskipThank you.
01.05.2010 15:39 ReguI like comps that doesn´t look like comps
01.05.2010 15:24 MustangWow... :o
01.05.2010 11:41 EeroSWEET :o
01.05.2010 11:19 drakminnice and simple
01.05.2010 09:58 fknoobLooks awesome as always