Nick: G33  Info
Age: 32
Location: Sofia



Uploaded: 27.05.2007 14:27
Categories: Electronics

G33 - This is my QUAD 405.2x200W Peak with active cooling.

This is my QUAD 405.
2x200W Peak with active cooling.

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27.02.2008 18:04 VaraosaWhat this is and how to use that? I see quick first i think this is Xbox 360...haha...;D
29.07.2007 22:11 allsopthat is so well done.. those car tuning masks look great!
28.05.2007 01:33 itsatathis is great, man, do u sell it? how much? i want this machine! i love it!
27.05.2007 16:38 G33This is the schematic, but it is written in bulgarian
27.05.2007 16:36 G33http://www.constructor.bg/mk/Amp.htm
27.05.2007 16:15 JipaGood job, what schematic did you use?
27.05.2007 15:05 ScaleoGood job. It is cool!!!