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Title: Wire desk
Created: 27.06.2007 21:14
Adjustable computer desk using wire rack components. Note the four pcs are not very powerful (old and Free) but togeathe
I am working on moding the PSU to replace a number of wall warts taking up space on the power strips that control the Network Hub, the pc speakers, an fm transmitter, a 4 port USB hub, Flat bed scanner, etc.

I may also use the PSU to power task and ambiant lights (leds & CCFLs)  around the desk 

There are a couple of other devices I would like to power  if there is enough capacity in the PSU. If not I may have to add another PSU for the extras.

FYI a user named digital knight says :
As long as everything hooked up is 12 volt and doesn't exceed the max total current of the PS output on the 12 V rail. If you fuse that it would protect from shorts but if too much current is pulled from the PS you could brown it out (the voltages will dip) potentially damaging everything you have hooked up. You can put a fuse for each device separately to protect um, just make sure you don't get anywhere near 80% of the max current of the PS.
I am working on modi...
The center section is wide enough to support my lap top and another pc that I am repairing or my work pc
the KVM and Network Hub on the right side is the heart of the desk and alow me to control four pc's
The center section i...
This desk is based on  two wire rack kitchen shelve units.  I have used one shelf to connect the two units in to one long unit.  the two half depth shelves support the auxilary monitors and the key board tray.

I hope that the PSU mod will help clean up some of the wire octopus under the desk and I am also adding wire management to the desk.  You should have seen the mess before I bundled the KVM/nic cables in the red and blue split tube pipes.
This desk is based o...