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Age: 47
Location: Oulu



Uploaded: 08.04.2007 18:46
Categories: Home entertainment | Musical instrument

mipi - Flower Power 1.0
-Drivers are Tangband W3-871s
-Driver diameter 3"
-Enclosures were found from local Super market (metal

Flower Power 1.0
-Drivers are Tangband W3-871s
-Driver diameter 3"
-Enclosures were found from local Super market (metalllic flower vases)
-Diameter 17 cm, Depth 21cm
-Added some bitum mat to attenuate vibrations and drilled holes for connectors.

They still need some sort of stands, maybe copper pipe..

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08.10.2007 23:29 drakminbtw. it's a 'driver' not 'element' but still good looking!
11.04.2007 14:27 hevinalleoho en kattonu :D on nii hyvä enkku :D
11.04.2007 11:25 ErrtuWhy don't you weight them so them don't roll off the table? Stands just would make them odd (my opinion). Or wireless system, that would be great! You could roll them on the floor. I have to say that I'm also interested how them sound, 'cos sound is what speakers do.
11.04.2007 00:42 DireSnakecool acustic
11.04.2007 00:02 HaoKiNo niin tuossa taitaa lukea...:)
10.04.2007 23:19 hevinalleonko nua jossai ruukus :)
09.04.2007 16:46 drakminThose are paper cones on tangbands, and that aluminum spike in center is phase plug. Mainly for cooling the voicecoil and for the looks also...
09.04.2007 13:08 HochramI'm not attacking anyone, i'm only curious ;) Perhaps ( i don't know) metallic material can help with tweeters....can it be?
09.04.2007 12:50 mipiBitum mat kills enclosure resonances. (when you knock them, they sound suprisingly solid) Sound quality is pretty good. It's missing some bass but hey, it's 3" element :)
09.04.2007 11:26 drakminI quess then for example Genelec has made a bad decision using aluminum for their speaker cases :D Wood just happens to be cheap so...
08.04.2007 23:49 HochramI worry for the metallic material lol
08.04.2007 23:42 Jipadrakmin: PSSSSSSST it isn't all about the shape, I guess many ppl are interested in can such cheap elements really sound nice. And also is there some resonances in the metal vases.
08.04.2007 22:51 drakminMost speakers are boxes only because those are cheapest to make...
08.04.2007 22:51 drakminIn fact smaller 'faceplate' like here, is better for the sound. Rounded shape causes no edge diffractions either and is naturally more stiff than a box.
08.04.2007 22:50 drakminI don't get it why everybody is worried about sound when they see something 'not a box' speaker.
08.04.2007 21:23 HochramThese are nice...but the sound?
08.04.2007 21:23 HochramHere the example :P http://metku.net/index.html?path=mods/shinyshuttle/index_eng3
08.04.2007 20:41 drakminThose could be sanded and polished for even nicer look :D
08.04.2007 20:26 Yoshi;)*
08.04.2007 20:26 Yoshinot bad ;=
08.04.2007 20:24 Mthedi like the color.
08.04.2007 19:44 potkiswow :)) so nices ;))
08.04.2007 19:35 willeknice jet-engines :D
08.04.2007 19:30 JipaGreat work, how do they sound? I've been about to build speakers using some Tangband elements..
08.04.2007 18:51 Xebavery beautiful :)
08.04.2007 18:48 s0lidWow these looks nice =D