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I finally found the stand for for "Flower powers", it's an upside down camera tripod
I finally found the ...
Flower Power 1.0
-Drivers are Tangband W3-871s
-Driver diameter 3"
-Enclosures were found from local Super market (metalllic flower vases)
-Diameter 17 cm, Depth 21cm
-Added some bitum mat to attenuate vibrations and drilled holes for connectors.

They still need some sort of stands, maybe  copper pipe..
Flower Power 1.0...
Slimmed Xbox

-DVD-ROM removed
-PSU moved next to hard drive
-Power-up/Reset-button at the back (shut down via Dashboard)
-Size 260x85x260mm  (Original 320x100x260)
-Games are on hard drive
-XBMC streams movies & music  from PC's  hard drive
Slimmed Xbox...